Uniquely happy.

Uniquely you.


The name is a blend of my mother and my daughter’s name and my mother’s favorite flower and last gift to me before her death in 1996. It’s personal and sentimental. Susana Rose is about finding peace and coming home to yourself.


My mother died a week after my high school graduation. The last gift I remember from her was a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses congratulating me for my acceptance to Vanderbilt University. 


Exactly 20 years later, on my mother’s birthday, my daughter arrived. The memories and connection between my mom and daughter bring me comfort and help me find home. 


My goal and dream with Susana Rose is to encourage and help women find confidence in being their true, authentic selves in little moments of luxury and happiness.


I have been a family law attorney for more than twenty years. The greatest gift is hearing my former clients, who came to me struggling, find their confidence and tell me stories about how wonderful their lives have turned out. I have heard countless stories from women who feel they cannot survive as single moms or they are too old to start over or change.


After my own second divorce, I spent time trying to find joy and confidence again. My journey started with obtaining my yoga teacher certification. I had no intention of teaching yoga but found peace learning how yoga can help with emotions, grief and anxiety and began teaching in 2020. After healing my mind, I needed to heal my body, so I obtained my health coach certification.


I enjoy working with women one-on-one through private yoga sessions and health coaching to help them feel more empowered, confident, and joyful. My love for fashion runs deep, and my shoe designs are purposely luxurious and customized to allow each person to feel empowered and confident.


Thank you for being here. I look forward to connecting with you!

Laura Hayes